It’s Time for Ethiopia to Put the U.S., the UN and the TPLF On Trial. It’s Time for an African People’s Tribunal.

A few days ago, I stood in what felt like the frozen still image of a cyclone, the appalling destruction that TPLF marauders committed on the police station…

by Jemal Countess and Jeff Pearce

The legend is that angels helped build the stunning churches hewn out of volcanic rock in Lalibela centuries ago. If you’re a person of faith, you might choose to believe that the angels watched over and guided members of the Desalegn family. They were…

Tigrayans forced to fight, weapons being fired and risking locals’ safety, and staff told not to video TPLF “recruitment events” — UN officials don’t talk publicly about THESE conditions in the region

According to a leaked UN internal communication from last Saturday, October 2, its humanitarian staff in Shire know of or at least have heard reports of human rights abuses within the areas they serve in Tigray and seem to be indifferent to responding and acting on them.

What’s being told…

Jeff Pearce

Writer person. Books - Prevail, The Karma Booth, Gangs in Canada; in June 2021, Winged Bull, a bio of Henry Layard, the Victorian era’s Indiana Jones.

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