Ethiopia: The UN’s Ship of Fools, Still Sinking and Acting as the TPLF’s Accomplice

Looting of NGOs, UN and NGO vehicles and warehouses vandalized, Staff members arrested, and still the UN won’t go public.

According to leaked copies of its own Daily Security Updates, the UN in Ethiopia is still making sure the world doesn’t find out about TPLF crimes against its own staff and others.

You’ll recall the UN has already admitted in an internal email that it’s aware of TPLF forced recruitment, and it’s also covered up incidents in which its own Ethiopian staff members have been assaulted and detained for days.

Now the UN has demonstrated in its latest security updates that it’s fully aware that the warehouses and vehicles of international NGOs — including its own vehicles — are ripe targets for “Tigrayan forces” and have been vandalized and looted on several occasions.

And yet it still won’t go public with what the TPLF is doing.

Here are incidents from just one region over last weekend, as described in its own document (composition errors in the original):


Amhara East:

30 October — CRIME/Vandalism: On 30 October, a parked UN vehicle and the staff personal items have reportedly vandalized by Tigrayan Forces from his residential house near to Wello University in Dessie town of South Wello zone.

30 October — CRIME/Looting: 30 October, food items were looted by TF from an INGO warehouse in Dessie town of South Wello zone.

30 October — CRIME/Vandalism: 31 October, five INGO vehicles were reportedly vandalized by TF from the INGO office compound in Dessie City of South Wello zone. Reporting indicates that one of the vehicles was broken in the incident.”

Given the recent debacle in Dessie and word of the massacre in Kombolcha, two other incidents may possibly have been “sanitized” in the report to avoid pointing fingers:

“01 November — CRIME/Vandalism: At approximately 1040hrs on 01 November, a UN vehicle was reportedly vandalized by unknown perpetrators in Kombolcha town of South Wello zone. The staff was unharmed in the incident however his personal items were stolen and serious damaged was reported on the vehicle. Eventually the vehicle was brought to the warehouse compound back.”

What’s peculiar about how this is written is that vandalism usually happens when the owner is away from the home or vehicle. Why bother to mention that “staff was unharmed” [sic] in a vandalism case unless he was there? And even if he wasn’t there, isn’t it reasonable to assume this was again the work of the TPLF as they caused mayhem and slaughter across the town?

There’s also this:

“02 November — CRIME/Looting: On 02 November, according to confirmed sources properties from government offices and individual houses have reportedly been looted by unknown perpetrators in Kombolcha and Dessie cities of South Wello zone.”

Unknown perpetrators. Really? Gee, I wonder who would have wanted to get into government offices on Monday while insurgents were attacking Dessie and TPLF forces were murdering at least 100 youths in Kombolcha.

And then there’s this fascinating tidbit:

“31 October — INFORMATION/Arrest: On 31 October, two UN staff members were arrested and taken to woreda 08 police station in Bole sub-city while they were with their friends in a café around Civil Service University of Bole Sub-City in Addis Ababa City.”

This is summarized so casually and parked between other items, and yet it leaves a lot of questions open. Arrested for what? Are they still being held at the station? And on what charges?

Given that both UN and U.S. officials were so loud in their complaints over the expulsion of the “seven saints” who were implicated by the government for supporting the TPLF, why are they so suddenly quiet — again — over what’s happened to two UN staff members?

They didn’t go public when the TPLF beat up their staff, and now when Ethiopian authorities arrest two of them, they show the same apparent indifference.

Granted, the staffers might have been arrested for anything, from spitting on the sidewalk (if there is such a law) to who the hell knows. But… No other details are provided. Why not?

And which staff members are they? What are their jobs, and do those jobs have any bearing on why they were arrested?

It is difficult to believe that police would pick up two workers for the most high-profile international organization in the world without there being substantial cause.

And since the mainstream media likes to indulge itself in speculation all the time, is it possible that these workers were arrested on suspicion of helping the TPLF?

If so, that would be a good reason for the UN to hide all this, hoping to negotiate the staffers’ release the same way they’ve given in to extortion by the TPLF in the past to get their people back.

And there’s an even more sinister but obvious link to the Biden Administration and the U.S. foreign policy establishment: If the UN had disclosed these and the other crimes exposed in my last couple of articles about UN activities, then it would have been too difficult to go forward with yesterday’s announcement to remove Ethiopia from AGOA…because the West’s knowledge of TPLF crimes would have been too exposed. The UN and the Biden Administration have been working overtime on trying to hush them up.

Stay tuned for Antonio Guterres to be “shocked” again.



Writer person. Books - Prevail, The Karma Booth, Gangs in Canada; in June 2021, Winged Bull, a bio of Henry Layard, the Victorian era’s Indiana Jones.

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Jeff Pearce

Writer person. Books - Prevail, The Karma Booth, Gangs in Canada; in June 2021, Winged Bull, a bio of Henry Layard, the Victorian era’s Indiana Jones.